Project June's

June’s Journey | Lead Writer | 2015-Current

An exciting new protagonist. Play as June Parker, help her find clues and solve mysteries, and experience her inner monologue. June is a worldly woman of the 1920s. Perpetually and proudly single, she's lived through tumultuous times and forged unbreakable friendships. But she's also made her share of mistakes, pushed people who care about her away, and nursed her share of grudges. She can solve the case, but can she figure out how to raise her niece Virginia and make peace with her own past?

A thrilling serialized story. Every week a new chapter continues June's story, introducing players to more of the glamorous and romantic setting we've created. 

A rich cast of recurring characters. Meet June's niece, Virginia--a smart, timid young girl whose life has been forever altered by tragedy. See her come into her own as a fierce but compassionate young woman. Get to know Mr. and Mrs. Talbot, the servants who raised June and her sister Clare, even while struggling with their own problems and pursuing their own hopes and dreams for their family. Share a laugh with June's dear friends Amelia, a passionate Parisian artist, and Jack, a lovelorn pilot.

Solve twisting, turning mysteries. Catch a killer, break up a forgery ring, help a young couple in love, chase down an elusive jewel thief, solve the murder of a Hollywood actress. Is there anything June can't do, with the help of her friends and family?