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41 Games: Hitman 2016

This is a game that just keeps on giving. Its levels manage to walk that fine line between locations that feel like living, breathing places, and elaborate puzzles to be solved.

It's one of those games as well in which failure can be every bit as fun as success--often more. The freedom to improvise, the consequences when that improvization backfires.

In addition, so many types of players are catered to here. Overwhelmed by the options? Use the Opportunity system to guide you toward an incredibly cool solution. Familiar with the level? Scheme out your own elaborate death trap for your targets. Looking for a unique challlenge? Play the escalation missions, which offer unique hits with increasingly specific restrictions.

I found a man sleeping on a bench, turned on a nearby radio to wake him up, and followed him. It turns out he was a private detective who was supposed to meet with one of my targets. I knocked him out, stole his clothes, met with my target, followed her into a dark alley and killed her.


If it sounds like an adventure game, it kind of is. A point-and-click adventure game in which the puzzles have virtually limitless solutions; in which failure doesn't have to mean getting stumped or hitting a dead end, but an opportunity to get creative, or die laughing.