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41 Games: Uncharted - The Lost Legacy

It turns out that the Uncharted series increasingly has had a Nathan Drake problem.

If you never liked Nathan Drake to begin with, that will come as no surprise. But I'm not referring to his personality so much as his role in the series. Where does a series about a lovable, but unscrupulous rogue go, once that rogue has saved the world a couple of times, and married a smart, good-hearted woman who's every bit his equal?

In Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, it took a ret-con to his entire backstory, a truly intolerable secret brother, and his inexplicably locking said smart, capable woman out of his life--virtually guaranteeing that if you'd liked Nathan Drake before, you couldn't stand him now.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy neatly solves every problem in Uncharted 4 (including Sam Drake) by realizing that there are other lovable, but unscrupulous rogues out there--other characters and stories to explore.

The pairing of Nadine and Chloe is the most alive the series has felt since the second game. They bring their own baggage and stakes (which the Lost Legacy ensures are high enough to justify the mayhem.)

As far as I'm concerned, The Lost Legacy, not A Thief's End, is the definitive PS4 iteration of the Uncharted series.